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You Need A Good Laptop

College is a long academic road of blood, sweat, and tears. The road is often not defined by its destination, but the journey itself. While you may make friends along the way, you also need a good laptop. 

Devices are a must have in college, phones, tablets, watches, computers and especially, a laptop. Having a laptop is crucial to your day to day life as a college student. People usually settle for a simple Lenovo, a high powered Acer, or the classic MacBook, but one can never deny the need to have a device for your college experience. Everyone needs a device they can trust, one that they are comfortable with, one other than their phone. Think about all the files, applications, assignments and emails you need to send through your laptop, we have to admit, we can't do everything through our phone. 

You may have heard the term “laptop activities”, and while it's not an iconic meme, everyone subconsciously understands the need to have a laptop that can handle the purchases, official documents, printing and so much more. Everyone needs a high powered device that can help them on their journey, because 4-5 years of going to classes, coming home to do work, and studying may take up a lot of your time, and what better way to accomplish those things than on a laptop you can trust. Especially if you're a computer science, engineering or graphic designer, etc., you need a device that can handle the software you need to accomplish these things.

Remember, it's not all about the flashy tools, the colored notebooks or the touchscreen. Having a laptop that can do the work you have to do, when you have to do it, by the time it's due, is a laptop you can trust.

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