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Why Start in the Summer?

Summer Begins

Summer is here! A season of sun, relaxation, and a break from the intense academic schedule. But as a former college admissions officer, I can tell you that summer is also the ideal time to start preparing for your college essays.

Time and Space to Reflect

During the school year, your schedule is packed with classes, extracurricular activities, and homework. Summer vacation offers a unique opportunity to step back, and reflect on your experiences without the constant pressure of deadlines. I recommend using this time to think deeply about what you want to communicate in your essays.

Freedom from Academic Stress

Without the looming pressure of tests and assignments, you can focus solely on crafting your essays. The free time the summer provides allows for more creative and genuine writing. You can brainstorm ideas, draft multiple versions, and refine your essays without the stress that comes during the academic year.

Opportunity for Growth and New Experiences

Summer often means new adventures—whether it’s a job, an internship, a travel experience, or a volunteer opportunity. These experiences can provide rich material for your essays, making them more engaging and authentic. The summer is a great opportunity to gather new stories, and perspectives that will make your application stand out.

Starting your college essays in the summer can set you up for success in the fall. You’ll have the time, and mental space to create thoughtful, authentic essays that truly reflect who you are. Take advantage of this season to begin your journey towards crafting an essay that will shine. Remember, the best essays are personal and unique to you. Embrace the freedom of the summer to reflect, explore, and write with passion.

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