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What will I learn from College?

So often, when you think about college and hear the word education associated with college, a classroom comes to mind. The amount of time you spend in a classroom in high school vs. the amount of time you’ll spend in a classroom in college is vastly different. You may spend seven or so hours in high school, most of that time in classes. On any given day in college, you could spend 1-4 hours in a college classroom.

You’ll spend more time outside of the classroom than you’ll spend inside of the classroom. It’s crucial to utilize the time outside of the classroom wisely. Most of your college education will likely come from outside of the classroom. When you think about potentially getting involved in clubs or sports, attending campus events, traveling to different places, booking your own appointments, resolving conflicts with roommates, learning how to cook for yourself etc… there’s so much you’ll learn.

A considerable part of your learning will be academic, but a huge portion will also just be about yourself and others. Learning how to communicate better, connect with others, and resolve conflicts is one of the best skills you’ll develop, as it will carry you through life. The skills you learn outside of the classroom will be more of what you will use on a day-to-day basis.

Looking back, I didn’t notice when it was happening. I didn’t notice how I learned so much about myself and others until I began to draw from my experiences from college in my everyday life as I interact with people, how I work and my work ethic, and even my overall approach to how I tackle a problem or task I learned from when I was in college.

College is about getting an education, but you’ll get much more of an education than you’ll ever imagine.

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