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The Value of Internships

I believe internships can be extremely valuable for both high school and college students. They provide valuable learning experiences that help shape students' careers. An internship gives students the opportunity to pursue academic interests, allowing them to figure out what they are interested in the professional world. 

As a college student entering their senior year, I have learned the most about myself, through the various internships I have worked at. Internships can be extremely competitive, as I remember applying to around 70 different positions this past year. Internships give students the chance to expand their resume. Students can use this insight and experience to talk about in their future interviews.

Career Fair

Career fairs can be very beneficial to not only help find you an internship, but also gain connections, and insight from business leaders. I personally have made many connections with different recruiters at career fairs, and look forward to reconnecting with them. This is why it is vital to do research in advance, and begin reviewing what companies you would be interested in. It is important to dress professionally in business attire, wearing a button down shirt, and dress pants. It is also important to come prepared, with a rehearsed elevator pitch ready, and having researched the companies attending the career fair.

When to Start Applying

High school internships are not as common as college Internships, but they can help tremendously. Internships, jobs, and even volunteering can increase admission chances at the colleges you apply to. It’s a good idea to apply about 3-5 months before you intend to start your internship, as I said, they become very competitive. 

In my high school years, I found that sophomore and junior year are probably the best years to pursue an internship. The earlier the better, as most people get internships during their sophomore or junior year. However, an internship Freshman year is definitely not out of the picture. It’s great to have a good idea on the companies you are interested in by researching, and targeting companies. Some applications open as early as September for summer opportunities.

Some companies recruit heavily in the Fall/End of the year for their Summer interns, while other companies recruit at the start of the spring semester. Getting a head at looking for internships helps you to navigate more efficiently.

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