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Navigating Random Roommates

It's very possible that in your first year of college, you may have to dorm with a roommate. Some schools require it, and sometimes it's just hard to find a roommate you may like. I had trouble picking a roommate because I decided to dorm late, and had to pick a roommate by June. I remember being anxious about the idea of living in a 200 square feet box with a person I didn't know, but I wasn't going to let that hold me back. I think with the right mind set, and some good social intelligence, you can set yourself up for a good experience.

Going back 3 years ago, I got a random roommate assigned to me, and I decided the most important thing for me was to have a good mindset. I couldn't go into this experience thinking I will be meeting my best friend, but I should have the mindset that I would get along with whoever I was to live with. I think choosing a random roommate, in a way, eliminates the pressure of having to be best friends with your roommates, as it can be seen as a fresh start. I saw many freshman roommate situations from people who chose who they wanted to live with, and the experience turned out to be different from what they expected. With that being said, It is very possible to meet a lifelong friend from a random roommate. I have many friends, as well as my brother, who met their best friends through their roommates as freshmen students.

One thing that gets overlooked, is knowing how to be a good roommate. Many people may not understand why they may not be clicking with their roommate, but it is important to be real with yourself. 

Ask yourself questions like:

  1. Am I being a good roommate? 

  2. Am I keeping my side of the dorm relatively clean? 

  3. Am I keeping quiet late at night? 

  4. Am I asking them before you invite people to the dorm? 

It was hard for my freshman roommate at first because we had different sleeping schedules. However, to be a good roommate, I decided to spend time in the common area, when I was still awake at night, so that I wouldn’t bother him.

If possible, reach out to your random roommate before arriving on campus, and see what you guys have in common. I remember when all I got was my roommate's name, and I decided to search up his name on Instagram and introduce myself via direct message. After some introductions, my roommate and I ended up getting along fine, and we became good friends. My advice for you, is to remember to embrace, and appreciate this new period in your life!

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