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My 2+2 Journey

Coming out of high school I didn't apply to those top schools around. I applied to some out-of-state schools and some in-state local schools not too far from home. I feel that I should have looked more at the better options but what I had was a pathway. I had applied to Penn State Lehigh Valley. As I looked more into it I discovered that I could graduate from this great school just by spending 2 years at a satellite campus.

I started at Penn State Lehigh Valley and had a good experience. It felt like high school in a way it was the only campus that had no on-campus housing so I commuted every day from home. It felt like a community college if I knew what that felt like or high school without any structure. You didn't stand around to talk to many people as much and it felt like I was just there to study or go to class.

Although these satellite schools aren't looked upon as much as the main campus they still have some great professors that are really good at what they do. After 2 years at a satellite, you have the 2+2 options where you can spend your junior and senior years at the main campus. I chose this path so I could graduate from The Penn State University. It was a great choice and I don't regret my choice coming here to State College.

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