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In-State or Out-of-State College?

The college search process requires some critical thinking when it comes to your landing spot. First, you have to think about what you want to do and what major you want to follow. Your options will be plentiful but some places won't be options if you want to take that major. Sometimes this decision may lead you far from home and out of the state. There are many pros to both going to college out of state as well as staying put at an in-state college. Here we will go over the many different benefits that these options provide.

Staying in-state is a common option. Not going too far from home is nice as you won't have to travel long distances or be too far from friends or family. It is also much cheaper than going out-of-state, as when going to a school in a state that you're a resident in you get to pay the in-state tuition rather than the out-of-state tuition. While there may be fewer options of schools to pick from if you choose to stay in-state, you may find yourself more comfortable being a couple of hour drive from home or commuting to a local community college.

Going out of state can be a more adventurous route, however, it may cost a bit more. Different states may vary for their out-of-state tuition, but they generally tend to be much more expensive than staying close to home. Here however you'll have a multitude of options to choose from. You can go to the state next door or across the country. Wherever you choose to go you will be sure to find new friendships, connections, and maybe even a brand new culture.

Both of these options have their perks but it is important to do what you want and chase the career that you desire. Going to a university on a sunny beach may sound like a nice idea but if what you want to do is only available in the north then it might be best to chase your career. Moving to a college also doesn't mean you will have to live there forever, it is only a part of your journey and will open up your options of places to live after you graduate.

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