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How to Study More Effectively

In college, most of your progress (and grade) is made up of tests and quizzes. Thus, learning how to more effectively study goes a long way to a successful college year. With that being said, here are some tips to help develop good studying habits.

1. Make a studying plan ahead of time and follow it

Studying isn’t something that can be done in one night! The best way to study for any test in college is to make a plan beforehand and to follow it through. Studying for a major test can (and often will) take weeks of preparation and work.

2. Make sure you know about future tests ahead of time

Of course, to make a plan for studying you first need to know when the tests are actually coming. College courses will often tell you the dates of all major tests at the beginning of the semester. Use this to your advantage to plan ahead of time so you aren’t caught off-guard by a “surprise” test.

3.Don’t study one topic at a time

When studying over multiple days, it’s important to spread all the learning material evenly rather than studying one topic at a time. It’s easy to forget something you studied for the longer you leave it alone, so try reviewing past topics each day to refresh yourself on the information while you study new topics.

4. Take good notes in class

A good portion of studying for a test involves looking back on notes of previous topics. Taking good notes can go a long way towards a successful studying session. The more notes you take, the less you’ll have to search online for and the more time you’ll have to prepare yourself.

5. Use the study groups on campus

In college, there are lots of study groups you can use to more effectively study for future tests. Study groups are often used to help avoid distractions that may appear during studying and for potential help on a weak subject. Utilize these study groups to more effectively prepare for your college tests

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