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High School vs. College

So many students wonder what a college schedule looks like. They wonder if it will be like high school and if the work will be harder. Being in college opens to door to a lot more freedom and responsibility. There are things that you need to find out how to do on your own and you have to be proactive to make sure you stay organized. Letting your schedule get messy, will only lead to late assignments, missed opportunities, and more stress. College can come with a lot of distractions but remembering why you're there is important. You didn't pay to skip class and party, you went to further your education and acquire a degree and career. Stay focused, even if it seems hard to do, and put your schoolwork first.

When you first get to high school after middle/intermediate school it feels like you have a lot more freedom just by walking to class and having a different schedule from your peers. Once you get to college you are granted even more freedom. Rather than going in for a full day like in high school, college schedules give students a lot of free time and you will only really be in class maybe a couple to a few hours per day. You will still need to allocate this time however, studying/homework, work, and social life can get in the way. You can pick the time and day that you have these classes and you can pick from a bunch of different options. Everyone has a different schedule in college which coincide with their major. You’ll be able to meet even more people with the same interests as you and the same major in some of these classes.

Although you have a lot more free time in college, with less class time, you will still need to try and stay responsible so you keep up. You may have an extra couple hours in the day now without a full day of school but you have to manage this time so you can have a healthy lifestyle. Make you allocate your time and create a schedule so you can stay on track when it comes to assignments, tests, work, and even just your free time. It can be stressful living on your own and having all these new challenges to face without your parent. Staying on top of your classes and getting things done on time will not only help you in the classroom but also make you a better adult.

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