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Finding the Best Roommate Option for YOU!

You completed all your applications, wrote countless essays, made it through the suspenseful time of hearing back from the places you applied, and now you’re finally at the exciting moment of deciding where you are going to call home for the next four years! It’s a time to celebrate, take a sigh of relief, and start thinking about all the opportunities you want to seek out when you arrive on campus. Yet, there’s one big detail that can be anxiety-inducing for anyone: roommates.

Should you room with someone you know from high school? Do you seek out someone in one of your college’s social media groups? Or do you risk it all and go with someone completely random? Unfortunately, there’s no “right” answer for everyone, but that’s also the best part. College is a time of growth, exploration, and stepping outside your comfort zone. When deciding which path is right for you, think about what you want, what experience you’re hoping for, and what will make you feel the most supported and comfortable. It’s easy to follow in your friends’ footsteps or do what your older siblings may have done, but this is YOUR moment and time to forge your own journey. With all that said, don’t forget to lean on those who have helped you get to this point! Just because you are putting your wants first doesn’t mean you can’t seek out advice from those who know you best and want the best for you.

While this approach may be helpful when deciding your roommate option, it may also help when determining what classes to take, what major to pursue, or what activities to get involved with on campus. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the change that going to college brings, but don’t forget to check in with yourself and ask yourself what you really want and need. And, most importantly, don’t forget to celebrate yourself and all that you’ve already accomplished! It's just the beginning of an exciting new chapter and listening to your wants and interests is a surefire way to set yourself up for a memorable and rewarding college experience!

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