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College 101 | Is College for You?




30 minutes

About the Session

Virtual General Session Cost: $0

Virtual Individual Appointment Cost: $0

In-person Group Session: Contact us for pricing

Our College 100 session provides information to students to think about whether college is the right path for them based on their goals. College isn’t for everyone, and this free session we offer will help students decide whether or not to spend the time and money to invest in college. This session will also offer alternative educational pathways depending on their long-term goals.

After this session, you will have a better idea of if college is for you and have a much better idea of the types of schools that might be the best fit for you! If you're not sure what session to start with, this one is for you.

General Sessions: These are large virtual meetings that will take place on Zoom where you will listen to one of our knowledgeable facilitators go over one of the topics below. They are at little to no cost.

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