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College Terms

You go to the doctor and they say you have viral rhinitis. You then Google it and says it’s the common cold.  College terms aren’t always easiest to understand either. Below are a list of common term

Academic Advisor

An academic mentor who guides your student through their degree, making sure they are taking the right courses and helping them make important academic decisions.

Academic Probation
A status colleges give to students who are struggling to pass courses. Academic probation is used to warn students that they need to improve their performance. Students on academic probation may lose scholarships or become ineligible for university sports.

An accredited university or college is certified to provide a high-quality education in the United States. Most employers and graduate programs only consider degrees from accredited schools.


standardized test used by schools to help determine if they will admit your student or not. The ACT is typically taken in the spring of the junior year of high school, and/or the fall of the senior year of high school.

Add/Drop Period

A grace period at the beginning of each semester during which your student can decide to add or drop a course with no penalty. 

AP Course

An advanced placement (AP) course is a class your student can take in high school, usually during their senior year, that could earn them credit toward their college degree.


This is the term for all the materials your student will fill out and submit to apply for admission to a college.

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