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Donovin Lindsay

A motivator, innovator, and educator with a passion for helping those around him reach their greatest potential.

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My Story

Why College Knowledge

Last December I began a Zoom appointment with a student looking to gather information on college while working as an admissions counselor at Penn State. The student was with his sister, a recent college graduate who admitted that she didn't have the best guidance when it came to preparing for college. We talked for maybe an hour about college and what he should know while looking at colleges. As we're talking, there weren't many questions, but there were a lot of them writing things down. Within the next couple of weeks, there were a few instances where I was either taking a phone call or a Zoom appointment where there were students and their families who were clueless on the college process and college in general. You don't know what you don't know.

Having this so heavily on my mind and being thanked so profusely by the families I was talking to about just general college information, I began to think about what's out there where high school students can go and get general college information. Where can they go and get information on what even to look at?

After searching… something clicked! Why not start something myself? I then began to think of whom I would want on my dream team to help me begin this journey to help students began to start their college search process and change the way students think about the college search process, more so putting their stressed minds at ease.

My passion for helping others took over as it normally does and I sprung into action. After beginning to form my dream team we sprung into action.

As I look forward to helping so many students and their families I am excited to launch my first business, College Knowledge, named by my amazing mother! 

If you know anyone with questions about college regardless of if they have started searching yet or not. I'm really putting together a dream team and will use my network to help all that I can. If you yourself want to connect and collaborate or even help with sessions... let's connect!

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