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What Can I Expect at a College Fair?

College fairs are an amazing opportunity when it comes to the college search process. With countless institutions represented all in one place, college fairs can be a one-stop shop for information and getting your questions answered! College fairs bring together recruiters, who are usually admissions counselors that represent their institutions. These recruiters come from all over the country, and sometimes, from around the globe!

Regardless of where you are in the search process, you can still learn a lot from college fairs. If a student is still new to the search process, they can visit various college tables and ask for an overview of their school. 

You can also ask other introduction-based questions, such as: 

How big is the school? 

What type of programs do you have? 

Is on-campus housing worth the purchase?

Remember that basic information can help students build an idea of whether the school is worth pursuing

If a student has already researched various colleges but needs specific questions answered, they can connect with recruiters in-person, or meet with them online. These steps are helpful for questions that are more involved, and need more clarity.

College fairs can happen during the school day, or at night, for when parents or guardians join to help maneuver the event. If parents or guardians tag along, be sure to take the lead, and make the most of the resources available to you. After all, this college search is for your education and future.

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