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Community College or University?

Community college or a university? Is saving money the option or graduating with a nice degree. It could be a matter of lifestyle, do you want to move away or commute from home? The price of a 4 year university might be out of some peoples price range. Where as community college could pay you to go there. Taking the time to find the smartest college path is important as it could really financially benefit you if choose wisely.

Some may look down upon the path of community college but it actually can be a really good option depending on your situation. It is a lot cheaper and in some cases I’ve actually seen people get make money from scholarships for attending the school. Another option can include transferring after a couple years at a community college. Transferring isn’t always perfect and simple in all cases sometimes credits don’t transfer to certain schools. Doing some research with an academic advisor can help clear up what transfers and what doesn’t. While community college is a good option financially you might have to look ahead if you plan on getting some cheap credits and then going to a university for the rest of your remaining years. Doing this also gives you the opportunity to still graduate from a top school.

Going to a big university is a large investment and if it doesn’t pan out that causes a lot of financial and emotional stress. However, it can open a lot of opportunities, connections, and just relationships down the line. All the money spent on a big University does equate to some perks. You’re not just paying to sit in a class, you get access to a larger learning environment with the best professors from around the world. It also does add a boost to your resume to graduate from a top tier school and that alone could increase your chance of finding a job.

At the end of the day is a really big decision and it needs time to be taken on. Sometimes financial issues may influence the decision but going to school is always a good decision. Getting a degree from somewhere can help you find a job even if it’s from a local community college.

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