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Community Colleges & Transferring


$8 - $75


30 minutes + 15 minutes of Q&A

About the Session

Virtual General Session Cost: $8

Virtual Individual Appointment Cost: $75 In-person Group Session: Contact us for pricing

Starting at a community college can save you thousands of dollars. This session will go over community colleges and the benefits to attending them. Attending just for a year or two is fine... but what happens when you want to apply to a 4-year college? Do your credits even transfer? Save yourself some headaches by attending this session and prepare yourself to be successful.

After this session, you will have a better understanding of communcity colleges and their bebefits and how the trasnferring processes works.

Session Types General Sessions: These are large virtual meetings that will take place on Zoon where you will listen to one of our knowledgeable facilitators go over one of the topics below. They are at little to no cost. Individual Session: Our one-on-one appointments are individualized meetings that take place virtually with you and one of our knowledgeable facilitators. Once booked, you will be able to indicate which of the topics you would like to go over with the facilitator.

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