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We have a variety of affordable sessions depending on where you are in your college search process. Each of these sessions will provide you with valuable information to assist you in your search process and helpful tools will be made available to assist you in keeping track of search details. 

General Sessions: These are large virtual meetings that will take place on Zoom where you will listen to one of our knowledgeable facilitators go over one of the topics below. They are at little to no cost.

Individual Session: Our one-on-one appointments are individualized meetings that take place virtually with you and one of our knowledgeable facilitators. Once booked, you will be able to indicate which of the topics you would like to go over with the facilitator.

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 Is College for You?

Duration: 25-30 minutes

 Individual Price: Free

Our College 100 session provides information to students to think about whether college is the right path for them based on their goals. College isn’t for everyone, and this free session we offer will help students decide whether or not to spend the time and money to invest in college.


This session will also offer alternative educational pathways depending on their long-term goals.


Girls in the Library


Intro Community Colleges/Junior Colleges

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Starting at a community college can save you thousands of dollars. This session will go over community colleges and the benefits of attending them. Attending just for a year or two is fine, but what happens when you want to apply to a 4-year college?


Topics to be covered include credit transfer, timing of transfer, and limits on the number of credits to transfer.

Online shopping


Beginning your College Search

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Individual Price: $100

Group Price (Online): $10/person

Group Price (Public): Contact for Pricing

Our College 101 session provides knowledge to students and their families about what they need to know and think about when beginning their college journey. This session is ideal for students who have an interest in attending college but aren’t sure where exactly to start.


Topics include types of colleges, degrees offered, college search timeline, and standardized tests (SAT/ACT).





Preparing Parents

Duration: 45-60 minutes

This session is tailored to parents and provides information on how they can support their student through their college journey. It includes a timeline and resources to help parents get their student started in the college search process, offering practical tips and guidance on navigating this important phase.

Filling Out a Form


Applying to College

Duration: 45-60 minutes

This course focuses on the college application process, covering types of college applications, decision types (early action, early decision, rolling admissions), application deadlines, and specific requirements for different types of college applications.

It also provides strategies on how to prepare and submit applications successfully.

College Students


Maximizing your College Visit

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Individual Price: $100

Group Price (Online): $10/person


This session guides students on how to prepare for and select a college visit that meets their needs. It covers what questions to ask during visits, how to assess campus culture and facilities, and tips to get the most out of your trip to the school.



Writing an Essay


Individual Price: $75

Group Price (Online): $8/person

Group Price (Public): Contact for Pricing


Going through the college application process, most students agree the part that stresses them out the most is writing the college essay or personal statement. This session is designed with helpful tips on completing a college essay, when to complete the essay, and whom you might want to review your college essay.

College Essay Writing

Duration: 30-45 minutes


Job Interview


College Interviewing

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Individual Price: $100

Group Price (Online): $10/person

Group Price (Public): Contact for Pricing

Our College Interviewing session will help prepare students for college interviews. Not all colleges require interviews, but some specialized programs within colleges may. This session is designed to prepare students for questions they may encounter during a college interview and help them prepare how to answer certain questions when asked.




Deciding on a College

This session focuses on the factors that will help a student decide what college is right for them. It covers various decision-making aspects such as academic programs, campus environment, financial considerations, and types of application deadlines.



Application Workshop

Duration: 1 hour

Individual Price: $75

Our Application Workshop is a service we offer where one of our faculty members will go through the college application with a student to better understand the application and remove the stress and anxiety of the college application process. Our faculty will be there on hand to answer questions and aid the student through the submission process.


Typing Together


Essay Review

This is an individual service where students can submit their college essays to us. We will review them for content and clarity, providing suggestions on how to improve the essays and make them stand out in the college application process.



Mock Interviews

Duration: 1 hour

Individual Price: $75

Our Mock Interview service is designed to help students prepare for their college interview(s). The Mock Interview will consist of the student and an interview facilitator (one of the faculty) who will go through questions for a specific college of the student’s choice.


During the session, the student will be asked questions and then provided with real-time feedback and a recording of their interview to help them prepare for their interview session.


College Recreation


Community College & Transfer

Duration: 45-60 minutes

This session focuses on what community colleges and junior colleges are, and how to prepare to transfer credits to a 4-year institution. It covers the benefits of starting at a community college, the transfer process, and strategies to ensure a smooth transition to a four-year college.


College Sports

This session focuses on the rules of recruiting for college sports, the different types of athletic associations (NCAA, NAIA, etc.), and the benefits of each. It also covers financial aid opportunities for student-athletes and the timeline for recruiting during high school.


Studying Abroad

This session explores the benefits of studying abroad and how it can enhance a student’s educational experience. Topics include choosing a study abroad program, preparing for the experience, and the academic and personal growth opportunities that come with studying in another country.


Co-ops & Internships

This session focuses on what co-ops and internships are, when it’s best to complete them, how they can be used for college credit, and how they can help students decide on career paths. It provides guidance on finding and applying for these opportunities and the benefits they offer.

Young Doctor


Grad School & Beyond

This session covers the graduate school application process and how it differs from undergraduate admissions. It includes the requirements for graduate school, when to apply, and an overview of the GRE. It also offers tips on preparing for and succeeding in graduate school.

Accounting Tasks


Financial Aid 101/Scholarships

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Our Financial Aid 101 session will provide attendees with general information on the basics of college financial aid and the various ways to pay for college. Topics to be covered include types of financial aid (grants, scholarships, work-study, loans), tips on when and where to begin looking for scholarships and grants, and information about the FAFSA and CSS Profile.


Attendees will receive a scholarship tracker in the form of an Excel sheet to assist in preparing their search.

Managing Home Finances


Financial Literacy

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Our College Financial Literacy session provides knowledge to students on various ways to prepare and manage their finances for college. College is an investment, and this session prepares you for those expenses by covering budgeting, financial planning, and understanding student loans.

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